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2020 Classes

Building Wealth Reliably

May 2020

Grow Yourself To Grow Your Wealth

  • Understand your money mindset and how to have mastery over money
  • Discover how to increase your earning capacity
  • Shift your mindset to having a savings and investing attitude
  • How to shift your relationship with wealth

Understanding Family Dynamics

June 2020

Create Appreciation For Your Family

  • Shift your mindset to appreciate the differences in your family
  • Dissolve fantasies on how you wish your family was and love them as they are
  • Understand conflict and how to resolve it
  • Discover the hidden order and magnificence inside your family

Perceptions, Decisions & Actions

July 2020

Transform Your Inner World 

  • Discover the power of the mind and perceptions
  • Understand procrastination and hesitation and how to take greater action
  • Master your mindset to transform your life
  • Discover the power of inner work and how to create the life you love

Dealing With Death And Dying

July 2020

Conquer Fear And Grief From Death 

  • Understand death across cultures and how to feel to heal
  • Plan for death - not in a morbid way - in an inspiring way
  • The 7-step framework to P.R.E.P.A.R.E. for conversations about death with your loved ones
  • Relieve your grieving over any death or loss you're going through

Dealing With Illness And Disease

August 2020

Discover The Keys to Unlock Illness

  • Understand illness and disease and how to find meaning in being unwell
  • Shift your perceptions around health as success and disease as failure
  • Discover the hidden order of illness and how to resolve it 
  • Love your body and how to see you have the perfect body for your mission

Deepen Intimacy With Your Partner

September 2020

Deepen Your Intimate Connections

  • Shift from saggy underwear staleness to Victoria's Secret showstopping intimacy
  • Learn how to thrive in the inevitable conflict and emerge stronger for it
  • Receive 609 intimacy-sparking questions, 3 bedroom techniques you may want to try and 60+ minutes of universal insight

Clear The Fear
(Phobias & Philias) 

Core Module

Clear The Fear

  • Greater clarity on your purpose
  • Inspiration to act on your purpose
  • A repeatable process for mastering your fear
  • Major breakthroughs in all areas of life

Are Your Emotions Making You Fat? 
October 2020

Feel Bangin' and 'Kiss Me' Gorgeous Even If You Self-Sabotage


  • Discover the false science of dieting and why keto/paleo/low-carb still hasn’t gotten you to your ideal body weight (even combined with the right exercise habits)
  • Why you struggle with willpower-based solutions and how to overcome that so you can have your cake, eat it and still want to kiss yourself in the mirror every day​
  • The 5 signs of ‘Head Hunger’ vs ‘Body Hunger’ so you’re in control of your weight no matter how much stress, sadness, exhaustion or baggage drives you to eat​


How To Dissolve Anxiety, Panic Attacks & Depression

November 2020

Manifest Clarity And Poise

Under Extreme Stress

  • Gain governance over severe spikes & chronic emotional states so you can feel like a functional human being again 
  • Understand why you or your client experience these highly stressful situations ​and how they develop into long term mental health issues
  • Uncover the triggers that are creating certain unwanted feelings
  • Discover what to do if you or someone you care for is in one of these states and what not to do (even if you have helpful intentions)
  • And much more

2021 Classes

Secrets To Soul-Deep Intimacy

February 2021

Take Your Relationship From "Perfectly Fine" to Power Couple 

  • Fulfil yourself and your partner emotionally, intellectually, and sexually (and in ways that make you both breathless)

  • Turn heated disagreements into loving conversations 

  • Root out your own (and each others’) baggage without getting defensive so you continue to grow hand-in-hand

  • Become THAT power couple. You know - the one that makes people go, “I’ll have what they're having.”

Transcend Loss: The Anatomy Of Grief

March 2021

Turn Your Grief Into Growth 

  • Discover how the 5 Stages model of Grief was born from twisting academic research

  • How to create space for your feelings without being seen as ‘weak’ or less of a leader (no matter how fierce your emotions 

  • The 8 types of grief (not stages) and how to identify them, especially if you’re in more than one PLUS specific solutions for each

  • How to find the clarity to make heavy decisions in the fog of grief

I'm Ready To Join A

Once-Off LIVE Class

The Business Program

(1 hr/wk for 1 month)

Every Tuesday of the month at 6 - 7pm Sydney time​


Attend This Month's Intensive Business Program Sessions with Tanya Cross and Our Maximum Growth Members

  • Focused on growing yourself to grow your business 
  • Tailored session plan for you (so you're not wasting any time in-session deciding what will give you the biggest return on your investment)
  • Smaller, intimate group size allowing for dedicated focus on you
  • Dedicated to achieving real, tangible growth and results for you during the session
  • Walk out of this session a changed, upgraded leader and entrepreneur able to handle greater challenges and attract greater opportunities without burning yourself out looking for them
  • Option to attend a marketing tools and skills development breakout
  • No commitment to a recurring membership

Mindset Mastery Masterclass

(Starter Level)

1st Wednesday of the month at 8.15-9pm Sydney time​


Dive Deep Into Hyper-Specific Applications Of

Universal Laws To Level Up Your Life 

  • Stick your hand into the works and minds of giants (history's foremost thinkers in each area of human behaviour)
  • Refine your understanding to effectively apply what you learn in every day situations so you feel more in control and sure of yourself
  • Balance your thinking and perceptions by discovering new information that reforges your neural pathways (and therefore higher-order behavioural patterns)
  • Enhance your communication skills so you can meet even influential, powerful people as equals and capture their attention
  • No commitment to a recurring membership
  • Recording included in your purchase

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