About Tanya Cross

About Tanya Cross


Hey there, I’m Tanya Cross, Counsellor and Master Certified Demartini Facilitator with an in-depth knowledge of human behaviour that has helped tens of thousands of people have a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them.


I have a curiosity to understand how your inner world is influencing your outer world and how this influences business success. Combination of knowledge in leadership, relationships and health has led me to my mission of empowering and educating entrepreneurs to overcome any obstacle or challenge in the way of achieving their vision.


In conjunction with working one on one with clients, I currently lead a community of 1000's of people as the Global Demartini Method Facilitator Manager and train the Demartini Method Facilitators internationally for Dr John Demartini and the Demartini Institute. I believe that exemplification is the best way to lead.




2009 Master Certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming 


2011 Bachelor of Applied Social Science (Counselling)


2014 Master Certified in the Demartini Method


Presented Breakthrough Integration Day, a follow up Breakthrough Experience program for three years.

Week 1 of a 12 week Adult Shop's Passion and Pleasure Program alongside well-known relationship counsellor, Dr. John Gray.

Presented Inspired Leadership Retreat in Italy, Sydney and Online.

Taught alongside Dr. John Demartini’s The Breakthrough Experience throughout Australia.

Presented 100's of webinars to educate and empower students worldwide over the past 8 years.

Team Leading in different capacities at Dr. John Demartini’s The Breakthrough Experience for 9 years.

Trains the Demartini Method Facilitators worldwide to up-skill their craft and work more effectively with their clients for the past 2 years.

Everyone has a seed of greatness inside them and you empower people by seeing beyond their imperfections and problems to their potential, their inner beauty and their possibilities.

   John Kehoe