Level Up From

Startup To Grown Up

Solopreneur to CEO

Mediocrity to Mastery


(and you, if you want to make a living, life and legacy you love)


Lead by Master Certified Demartini Method Facilitator, Tanya Cross  




If you’re going to crack your ceilings, you need to swap your lens. 


Meaning, how you see the world. So you don’t see it as it is… but as YOU are. 


And the fastest way to do that is to ask questions no one else is asking. 


Ones that bring fresh, blinding-light epiphanies of wisdom. 


(And literally re-shape your brain as you answer them.)


Turning frustration and fear, into financial freedom


...and a bigger business


...and most importantly, stillness in your soul.





Maximum Growth Memberships offer you a unique opportunity to understand how our mind works and


what questions can help to realign our mind to our true north, we build mental fitness. This is where


you encounter stillness within, even if you're in the middle of a storm. These memberships are here to


help you to train your brain, build your mental fitness and master your mind. So you can level up your


income, impact and inspiration.





The Memberships are perfect for:


+ Those on a personal development journey wanting to lead themselves


more effectively by mastering  their emotions and mind.


+ Business owners or leaders who have a love of personal development and want to grow their business and leadership.


+Coaches, consultants and content creators who would love to grow their coaching skills and business. 





Tanya is Master Certified in the Demartini Method. Under her weekly guidance as a member, you'll


neutralise your emotional charges, clear out stubborn baggage you've struggled to clear until now


balance your mental and physical reactions, and clear your mind. When you join the Maximum


Growth Membership, Tanya will be guide you from where you are now,


to where you want to be, step by step.



So choose your level below and let's get started.



Option 3 


Do Business Like A Boss 



Monthly Group Coaching Session

Focused On Growing Your Coaching Skills & Business


What's Included:






In this monthly 3 hour group coaching class


you'll join 4 people and Tanya in working


through challenges, difficulties or expanding


in your lifeEach individual has 30 minute


sessions to work one on one with Tanya live in


front of the group. We review the session in


detail. Sessions are held via zoom and are not


recorded. You get to work on your own


stuff, learn from others working on their own


challenges plus it's an affordable way to do




3 Levels

Which Level Will You Start At?

14 Day Money Back Guarantee.

No contract. You can cancel anytime.


Perfect for: Wanting to master your mind & learn quality questions to ask (14-day money back guarantee included)



AUD Per Month

Save 10% Quarterly

2 x Weekly Mindset Class(1h)


Perfect for: you, if you feel somehow YOU are the key to smashing revenue ceilings & expanding your business


AUD Per Month

Save 10% Quarterly



1 x Weekly Business Class (1h)


Perfect for: Coaches, Consultants and Content Creators who want to deliver their clients elite level results


AUD Per Month

Save 10% Quarterly


1 x Monthly Coaches Class (max 4 members per group) (3h) 



I would recommend Tanya if you are leading a business or start-up and seeking someone to join and challenge you on the journey. I have struggled to find people who have read as much as I have, experienced what I have, and come across the challenges I have; there are just very few people who can add value to my situation like Tanya can. Because she isn’t part of my industry, personal life, and social group, she has a fresh approach with her knowledge in human behaviour to see my situation and help me see alternatives while challenging my ideas. Anyone leading, wanting to lead or wanting to make a difference, I believe Tanya is an excellent mentor and coach. Contact me for more information. (I’m not on commission!)

– Christian Fletcher-Walker, Manager Sales Optimity Supply Chain Planning Software

Thanks for simply being you Tanya, and sharing your gifts with the world. I am grateful

– Dr. Alex Rodwell, Chiropractor, Healer, and Speaker

Just a small note to say a BIG THANK YOU for all you have done over these past years in service to the work, John, Global 1, the facilitators and to me. Have learned so much from you in many different ways and look forward to any opportunity to work together again. Know you also have my support in any way I can give it. Till we meet again. Much love and gratitude for all you have done and especially to who you are

– Dr. Erika Yeates, Doctor and Consultant

Thank you for your mentoring, both support and challenge. I’m grateful to have you speaking into my life. I’m also grateful for the changes you’re introducing to the training and facilitating at BTE, it’s opened up some great opportunities for me to learn in new ways. I love the current focus on mastering the basics, that’s been really useful. And I’m especially grateful at this latest BTE for the opportunity to help out with the completion process you did to help tweak Larissa’s skills – that was really powerful for me and something I have never really thought about before. It was beautiful to be able to speak with my sister, whom I haven’t seen for about 18 years, that really touched my heart in a big way.

– Bruce Williams, Speaker and Consultant

You’re the perfect manager for our team – you exemplify the work, demonstrate awareness and have created an environment where facilitators are encouraged to be real while upholding team standards and objectives. And you’ve done it with heart. Grateful to be part of your journey.

– Calina Ourlais, Doctor

Tanya facilitated a workshop on values, leadership and blocks to success. Initially, I didn’t know how my staff would respond but much to my surprise not only were they open to the information she provided but they engaged with the material in a way that made a visible change. The feedback I received from my staff during our debrief was nothing short of amazing and the difference in their productivity and effectiveness has improved tremendously almost immediately. She was culturally sensitive and appropriate which helped to build trust and openness during the workshop. We had many difficult issues to address during the day and Tanya helped us to address and learn from them. We will definitely be using Tanya Cross in the near future.

– Outreach and Recruitment Coordinator for the Indigenous unit at the University of Technology, Sydney

The tremendous gifts you have given me and my family this year, from your influence, to your connections and your teachings has been life changing. Every day I see the contribution that you make to other people’s lives and you should know all of that is inspiring. Even when people of good intentions don’t make comments or don’t participate, they notice. I look forward to next week’s webinar, you always share surprising perspectives that I have never considered. Love your work Tanya!

– Ted Johnson, Harvey Norman Franchisee

I just came across, and re-visited, all my notes from our sessions together, and wanted to take this opportunity to THANK YOU for everything you did for me. I will never forget it, and I am forever GRATEFUL. BIG LOVE.

– Marco, Owner of Contessa Balmain

If you are looking for a coach that can cut through the noise and really see the root cause of an issue Tanya Cross is exceptional at doing this. I have been using Tanya now for about 6 months and I have also referred her to many friends and family. She is amazing and will definitely make a profound difference in your life.

– Adrian Fadini, Owner of Tradesformation.

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